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Our Philosophy runs parallel to that of Ayurveda, our every action reflects our thinking of better health and care of our patients. Our philosophy also blends well with our dream of a disease free and healthy society. We also strive to bring paradigm shift in the lives of sufferers through our products and services.

In the market scenario where there are two separate products available for restoration and supplementation of the human body's, Aimil has thought of something different. In all our products we have combined the good supplementation power of nutraceuticals and effective treating power of pharmaceuticals as we believe in treating, repairing, restoring and bringing back the patient from the diseased state.


Exclusivity in the Herbal Market

Exclusivity in the Herbal Market
The formulations and products are exclusive to and are the proprietary property of AIMIL pharma. The formulations and products offered are unique to the markets and are creating a new benchmark for the natural health product industry. For the first time, AIMIL has brought natural health products up to the highest standards with respect to potency & purity, maintained by the pharmaceutical industry The products offered are safe dependable, and have no adverse effects or toxicity. They have restorative and supplemental characteristics to heal the human body as a whole. They can be taken concurrently with other forms of medication. Aimil Product Line Concept Combining Restoration with Supplementation for Ideal Healthcare



Restoration is a wider term, which implies to provide all possible means to bring back a state of normalcy to the, systems and the body as a whole (i.e. make the body work the way it is supposed to). Restoration does not only mean the therapeutic corrective action, but also to emphasize on toning and rejuvenating processes for the organs and the body as a whole. This helps delay ageing and promotes endurance.


The human body is made of five basic constituents, namely:

Fats (Lipids)
Trace elements (minerals & electrolytes).

The different organs are made up of these constituents and their function is regulated through similar components. These are called as Enzymes, Hormones and autacoids (e.g. histamine, serotonin). Trace elements are further divided into:
Micronutrients, etc.

Limitations Ofallopathic System

Limitations Ofallopathic System
Allopathic drugs are not only way to care for chronic diseases as almost all molecules exerts mild to severe side effects on other organs of body besides the targeted one. The western world – North America & Western Europe focus on allopathic medicine as the best way to treat diseases.

However, for thousands of years before the advent of the allopathic system of medicine, people were being medically cared for with the help of natural and herbal products all throughout the globe.

Supplementation Defined

Supplementation provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients where the patient shows signs of deficiency. Deficiency may occur due to lack of availability of a healthy balanced diet or poor absorption and utilization of these elements by the body. Also it may occur due to the depletion of these elements because of the chronic disease itself. In order to supplements the essential micronutrients in a natural way. We should consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw herbs are also a rich source of the above components in the shape of photochemicals. Photochemicals are the biologically active substances in plants that are responsible for giving them color and flavor). Phytochemcicals also provide protection to the human body and correct the disease conditions. Many people routinely use some form of synthetic or extracted supplements like vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients on a regular basis in place of a well balanced diet. Vitamins are available both in natural or synthetic form. Though in both forms the molecular structure structure remains the same. The natural one is considered better. Studies have shown that protein supplements that are non-protein bonded. It is important to mention that :

Additional synthetic supplements may e sued in case of deficiency syndromes. One must abide by the suggested optimal dosage recommendations which if exceeded over a long period of time may cause adverse effects due to their accumulation in the body tissues (e.g. fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A and D) its consequences. To have the desired positive effects the body must properly absorb, assimilate and utilize these supplement nutrients. It is essential to detect & estimate the deficiency of minerals before supplementation begins as the excess intake of the same may lead to harmful effects. For example :

When an iron supplement is taken continuously overa long period of time, it accumulates in the body. The excess leads to the production of free radicals which are harmful for the body. Chromium (mineral) supplementation in diabetes can only be helpful f the insulin deficiency in the patient is due to the nutritional deficiency of chromium. If the intake of chromium is continued without the nutritional deficiency, this will lead to excess of chromium in blood. This can lead to chromium toxicity , which has been associate with dermatitis, gastrointestinal ulcers and liver & kidney impairment. The balanced intake of minerals is also necessary . when a mineral is absorbed, it must be carried by the blood to the cells and then transported across the cell membranes in a form that can be utilized by it. once a mineral enters the body, it compares with other minerals for absorption and assimilation . for example , excess of zinc intake of unmonitored and imbalanced intake of minerals can lead to harmful effects to the body. Therefore, supplementation through a well balanced healthy deit can multi-herbal products is preferable for the patient because they collectively provide the supplements which can be absorbed and utilized by the body I the best possible way. COMBINING RESTORATION WITH SUPPLEMENTATION FOR COMPLETE HEALING

After understanding how supplements and restoration work individually to treat chronic disease, it is evident that to get the best results for the patient. It is important to provide both restoration and supplements simultaneously in the treatment. The preferred method to provide the restoration and supplementation is based on their availability through a formulation of multiple herbs and a healthy balanced diet.

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