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Citirise Plus Tablet Exporter

Posted by Admin on July, 09, 2021

This tablet is mainly prescribed for Parkinson’s Disease and cerebrovascular disorder and head injury. Parkison’s Disease is a very dangerous neural disorder that causes the continuous shaking of different body parts.

What is Citirise Table Taken for?
Citirise plus tablet is mainly taken to control the craving for alcohol and other harmful things such as cocaine that can lead to heavy damages to one.
They are also prescribed for any kind of neural diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, cerebral attack. It is also recommended for Alzheimer's diseases.
Further, it is used to protect the brain and nervous system against shortness of oxygen and other related diseases.

Prescriptions and others
Citirise Plus Tablet is a drug that can only be purchased with valid proof of prescribed certification from the doctor itself. It is a very sensitive drug and if taken mistakenly can lead to serious nerve failures and other body disorders. It can also affect the mental health of a person and overdose of these sensible drugs is clearly avoided. if by mistake there is a drug overdose then immediately the person must be taken over to the hospital and admitted to the Emergency department. A proper check-up should be done and he should be kept under close observations for a day or two.

These are high dose drugs and hence some sort of precautions should be taken while handling them:
• These tablets are generally recommended to cocaine addicts or alcohol addicts and as a result, these drugs are very powerful in nature. Hence they should be kept away from children and adults. If by mistake they take it all by themselves then it will be fatal and will cause a toll on the life of that individual.
• An overdose can cause serious effects. If by mistake someone takes this drug more than what is prescribed then he should be immediately run to the hospital and should be treated well.
• This particular drug is to subdue the drug addiction hence no alcohol should be consumed during the course of taking this particular drug.
• This drug should never be used on pregnant women. It can cause fatal injuries and may destroy the fetus.

Citirise Plus Tablets is a very common medication often used by many Scientists on Juvenile Drug addicts. They are often recommended and is very much in demand in India. These are exported to different parts of the world and are exported to India as well. They are also recommended by doctors to relieve neurological disorders and palsy and help them recover.
Citirise Plus Tablets exporters are both manufacturers and suppliers as well because there is a huge demand for this product and to keep the supply end to meet the demand end it is very necessary to handle the supply as well as the demand altogether.

This particular drug is a very high dose drug and it should be handled very carefully. They should never be given to the patient without any recommendation from the doctor. Also, the patient should take the medicine under the supervision of others in the room.

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